ATLAS Payload Specialists

Date of selection:     29. September 1989

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No. Name Profession Age Retirement Age
01 Charles R. Chappell Physicist 46 24.03.1992 48
02 Michael L. Lampton Physicist 48 24.03.1992 51
03 Byron K. Lichtenberg Aerospace Engineer 41 24.03.1992 44

ATLAS was a replacement for the cancelled mission EOM. The fourth candidate was selected by by the Investigator Working Group (I.W.G.) (Frimout). Scheduled for the flight were Lampton and Lichtenberg again, but later Frimout replaced Lampton for medical reasons.
Astronaut training:
29.09.1989 Chappell, Lampton, Lichtenberg
??.??.1991 Chappell, Lampton, Lichtenberg


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