Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Misurkin

 Total EVAs:  4
 Total EVA time:  28h 14m

No. Date Together with Time Main tasks and notes
 1  24.06.2013  F. Yurchikhin   6h 34m
They replaced a fluid flow regulator on the Russian segment’s Zarya module. They also removed the Photon-Gamma unit of the Molina-Gamma experiment, which measures gamma splashes and optical radiation during terrestrial lightning and thunder conditions, from a portable workstation on Zvezda.
 2  16.08.2013  F. Yurchikhin  7h 29m
They continued routing power and Ethernet cables for the future arrival of the Russian Multipurpose Laboratory Module. They also installed on the Poisk module a panel of experiments designed to collect data on the effects of the microgravity environment in low-Earth orbit.
 3  22.08.2013  F. Yurchikhin  5h 58m
The cosmonauts removed a space laser communications system from the hull of the Zvezda service module and planned to install a pointing platform on which a small optical telescope will be installed on a future Russian spacewalk. This task failed.
 4  02.02.2018  A. Shkaplerov  8h 13m
The primary objectives during the spacewalk were to remove and jettison the ShA-317A-II radio receiver for the "Lira" high-gain communications antenna on the Zvezda service module and install an upgraded electronics box to communication between Russian flight controllers and the Russian modules of the orbital outpost. Next they retrieved the experiments "Biorisk" and "Test" from the module Pirs. The cosmonauts also took detailed photos of the exterior of the Russian modules, especially a material experiment container.

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