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Sunita Lyn "Suni" Williams

 Total EVAs:  7
 Total EVA time:  50h 40m

No. Date Together with Time Main tasks and notes
 1  16.12.2006  R. Curbeam  7h 31m
Reconfigure power on channels 1 and 4 of the station's electrical system
 2  31.01.2007  M. Lopez-Alegria  7h 55m
Completing the activation of the lab complex's permanent ammonia cooling system. They made several of electrical and fluid line connections to tie the heat exchangers into coolant loop A.
 3  04.02.2007  M. Lopez-Alegria  7h 11m
Reconfiguring the second of two cooling loops for the Destiny module, securing the aft radiator of the P6 truss after retraction and preparing the obsolete Early Ammonia Servicer for removal this summer.
 4  08.02.2007  M. Lopez-Alegria  6h 40m
Removing shrouds, which provide thermal shading and which are larger than king-size bed sheets; they also made groundwork for attachment of a cargo carrier and preparing work for the relocation of the P6 Truss
 5  30.08.2012  A. Hoshide  8h 17m
The astronauts replaced a faulty power routing unit (partly failed') on the station's truss and run cables for an upcoming Russian laboratory module.
 6  05.09.2012  A. Hoshide  6h 28m
The astronauts completed the installation of a spare power unit on the station's truss.
 7  01.11.2012  A. Hoshide  6h 38m
The astronauts repaired an ammonia leak on one of the station's port-side radiators.