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Scott Edward Parazynski

 Total EVAs:  7
 Total EVA time:  47h 05m

No. Date Together with Time Main tasks and notes
 1  01.10.1997  V. Titov  5h 01m
Recovery of experiments from DM (EDFT-06)
 2  22.04.2001  C. Hadfield  7h 10m
Installing the Canadian built robotic arm (57.7 foot long) called: Canadarm2
 3  24.04.2001  C. Hadfield  7h 40m
Connecting the Power and Data Grapple Fixture circuits for the robotic arm
 4  26.10.2007  D. Wheelock  6h 14m
Retrieve S-band Antenna Support Assembly, detach Node 2 ("Harmony") heater cables, disconnect Z1/P6 truss fluid lines, install shrouds on P6 radiator and Sequential Shunt Unit, move and attach Node 2 to Node 1 left-hand docking port with Station robotic arm, pressurise area between Node 1 and Node 2 hatches, open Node 1 hatch
 5  28.10.2007  D. Tani  6h 33m
Disconnect Z1 to P6 truss cables and unbolt P6; outfit outside Node 2 with handrails, remote Node 2 berthing mechanism restraints; install grapple fixture on Node 2; configure squib firing unit on S1 truss for deploying radiators.
 6  30.10.2007  D. Wheelock  7h 08m
The astronauts bolt P6 truss to P5 truss, attached P5 to P6 cabling, removed P6 radiator restraint and cover on Sequential Shunt unit and deploy radiator.
 7  03.11.2007  D. Wheelock  7h 19m
Attaching cufflink-like clips across the 15-foot width of the torn P6-4B solar array blanket to provide the strength needed to permit its full extension. This dramatic repair job was carried out successful.