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Richard Michael Linnehan

 Total EVAs:  6
 Total EVA time:  42h 12m

No. Date Together with Time Main tasks and notes
 1  04.03.2002  J. Grunsfeld  7h 01m
Installing a new generation solar array on the starboard side of the HST
 2  06.03.2002  J. Grunsfeld  6h 48m
Replacing the Power Control Unit (PCU), the "electrical heart" of the HST
 3  08.03.2002  J. Grunsfeld  7h 20m
Installing the experimental cooling system (Cryo Cooler), replacing the solid nitrogen cooler of NICMOS
 4  14.03.2008  G. Reisman  7h 01m
Preparing the JEM ELM PS for its removal from the shuttle's payload bay.
 5  15.03.2008  M. Foreman  7h 09m
Assembling Special Purpose Dexterous Manipulator (SPDM), named Dextre by removing covers and installing arm components on its main body.
 6  17.03.2008  R. Behnken  6h 53m
Completing Dextre assembly by installing a tool platform and tool holster assembly.