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John Mace Grunsfeld

 Total EVAs:  8
 Total EVA time:  58h 30m

No. Date Together with Time Main tasks and notes
 1  22.12.1999  S. Smith  8h 15m
HST-SM-03, replace gyroscopes
 2  24.12.1999  S. Smith  8h 08m
HST-SM-03, replace data recorder
 3  04.03.2002  R. Linnehan  7h 01m
Installing a new generation solar array on the starboard side of the HST
 4  06.03.2002  R. Linnehan  6h 48m
Replacing the Power Control Unit (PCU), the "electrical heart" of the HST
 5  08.03.2002  R. Linnehan  7h 20m
Installing the experimental cooling system (Cryo Cooler), replacing the solid nitrogen cooler of NICMOS
 6  14.05.2009  A. Feustel  7h 20m
Replacing a wide field camera. They also swapped out three batteries and installed a mechanism for a spacecraft to capture for de-orbit at the end of the telescope's life.
 7  16.05.2009  A. Feustel  6h 36m
Installing the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph. They also conducted repairs to the Advanced Camera for Surveys, which has experienced power failures, causing two of the telescope's three observing channels to stop operating.
 8  18.05.2009  A. Feustel  7h 02m
Replacing a sensor needed for pointing the telescope and install another blanket on Hubble's exterior.