Edward Michael "Mike" Fincke

 Total EVAs:  9
 Total EVA time:  48h 36m

No. Date Together with Time Main tasks and notes
 1  24.06.2004  G. Padalka  0h 13m
Abort of a planned six-hour spacewalk
 2  30.06.2004  G. Padalka  5h 40m
Installing a new circuit breaker to restore power to one of four gyroscopes that help orient the complex
 3  03.08.2004  G. Padalka  4h 30m
Replacing several materials exposure experiment packages and a thruster contamination monitor, installing reflectors and communications equipment needed for the docking of a new European Space Agency cargo ship
 4  03.09.2004  G. Padalka  5h 21m
Installing three antennas on the exterior of the Zvezda Service Module that will aid the automated docking of a new Station supply craft, the European Automated Transfer Vehicle; replacing of a pump panel on the Zarya module; installation of guides for spacesuit tethers on Zarya handrails; installation of handrail covers near the Pirs Docking Compartment hatch
 5  23.12.2008  Y. Lonchakov  5h 38m
Deploying and retrieve several Russian experiments on the station's exterior and installing a device to measure electromagnetic forces imparted on station hardware as the complex moves through low Earth orbit
 6  10.03.2009  Y. Lonchakov  4h 49m
Installing of EXPOSE-R, a European experiment that exposes seeds and spores to the space environment
 7  22.05.2011  A. Feustel  8h 07m
The astronauts refilled radiators with ammonia. They also completed venting the early ammonia system, lubricated a left-side solar joint and parts of Dextre.
 8  25.05.2011  A. Feustel  6h 54m
Installing a grapple, or handle for the robotic arm on the station to grab, on the Zarya module to support robotic operations based from the Russian segment. They also installed additional cables to provide backup power to the Russian portion of the space station.
 9  27.05.2011  G. Chamitoff  7h 24m
They stowed the shuttle's 50-foot boom on the right-side truss on a permanent stowage fixture, retrieved the grapple from the station's left-side truss and used it as a replacement for the grapple currently on the boom. They then released restraints from one of the arms on Dextre and replaced thermal insulation on one of the spare gas tanks for the Quest airlock.

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