Andrew Jay "Drew" Feustel

 Total EVAs:  9
 Total EVA time:  61h 48m

No. Date Together with Time Main tasks and notes
 1  14.05.2009  J. Grunsfeld  7h 20m
Replacing a wide field camera. They also swapped out three batteries and installed a mechanism for a spacecraft to capture for de-orbit at the end of the telescope's life.
 2  16.05.2009  J. Grunsfeld  6h 36m
Installing the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph. They also conducted repairs to the Advanced Camera for Surveys, which has experienced power failures, causing two of the telescope's three observing channels to stop operating.
 3  18.05.2009  J. Grunsfeld  7h 02m
Replacing a sensor needed for pointing the telescope and install another blanket on Hubble's exterior.
 4  20.05.2011  G. Chamitoff  6h 19m
They retrieved two experiments and install a new package of experiments on ELC-2. Next they installed jumpers between segments on the left-side truss, for ammonia refills; vent nitrogen from an ammonia servicer; and installed an external wireless communication antenna on the Destiny laboratory that will provide wireless communication to the Express Logistics Carriers mounted on the station's truss.
 5  22.05.2011  M. Fincke  8h 07m
The astronauts refilled radiators with ammonia. They also completed venting the early ammonia system, lubricated a left-side solar joint and parts of Dextre.
 6  25.05.2011  M. Fincke 6h 54m
Installing a grapple, or handle for the robotic arm on the station to grab, on the Zarya module to support robotic operations based from the Russian segment. They also installed additional cables to provide backup power to the Russian portion of the space station.
 7  29.03.2018  R. Arnold  6h 10m
They installed wireless communications equipment on the station's Tranquility module to enhance payload data processing for the ECOsystem Spaceborne Thermal Radiometer Experiment on Space Station (ECOSTRESS) experiment. The crew members also swapped out high-definition video cameras on the port truss of the station's backbone and removed aging hoses from a cooling component on the station's truss.
 8  16.05.2018  R. Arnold  6h 31m
They moved a component called a Pump Flow Control Subassembly (PFCS) from a spare parts platform on the station's truss "backbone" to the Special Purpose Dexterous Manipulator (Dextre) robotic arm. The spacewalkers removed a failed PFCS and return it to the spare parts depot. They also replaced a camera system on the Destiny Laboratory and a communications receiver.
 9  14.06.2018  R. Arnold  6h 49m
They installed a pair of brackets and high-definition cameras on the Harmony module that will help commercial crew vehicles align with the international docking adapter at the forward end of Harmony. The crew also replaced a camera on the station's starboard truss.

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