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Tracy Caldwell Dyson

 Total EVAs:  3
 Total EVA time:  22h 49m

No. Date Together with Time Main tasks and notes
 1  07.08.2010  D. Wheelock  8h 03m
They started disconnecting umbilicals from the broken space station coolant pump. However, difficulty unplugging one of the ammonia lines consumed a couple of hours and a leak seen from that connector once it finally cooperated prevented the astronauts from progressing any further in their work.
 2  11.08.2010  D. Wheelock  7h 26m
Removing the old pump and stowing it on the Mobile Base System on the station's truss while preparing the replacement pump for its removal from a stowage platform adjacent to the Quest airlock and its installation on the truss during a third spacewalk.
 3  16.08.2010  D. Wheelock  7h 20m
Installation of a spare ammonia pump module on the S1 Truss.