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Stephen Gerard Bowen

 Total EVAs:  10
 Total EVA time:  65h 57m

No. Date Together with Time Main tasks and notes
 1  18.11.2008  H. Stefanyshyn-Piper  6h 52m
Replacing a depleted nitrogen tank and a device used to help the flow of coolant from the truss. They also started inspecting, cleaning and lubricating the starboard SARJ and begin replacing 11 of 12 trundle bearings.
 2  22.11.2008  H. Stefanyshyn-Piper  6h 57m
Completing starboard SARJ cleaning, lubricating and trundle bearing work.
 3  24.11.2008  R. Kimbrough  6h 07m
Kimbrough lubricated the port SARJ, while Bowen reinstalled the thermal insulation covers on Kibo. He then installed two GPS antennas on Kibo's logistics module, while Kimbrough installed a new TV camera on the truss.
 4  17.05.2010  G. Reisman  7h 25m
Installing a spare space-to-ground Ku-band antenna on the station's truss. Then they installed a new tool platform on Dextre. The spacewalkers breaked the torque on bolts holding batteries in place on the truss.
 5  19.05.2010  M. Good  7h 09m
Removing and replacing four of the six batteries on the port truss to store electricity from the solar arrays on that truss. The used batteries were installed on the cargo carrier for return to Earth on Atlantis.
 6  28.02.2011  A. Drew  6h 34m
They installed a power extension cable between the Unity and Tranquility nodes to provide a contingency power source. The spacewalkers moved the failed ammonia pump module from an attachment bracket to a stowage platform adjacent to the Quest airlock. They next replaced a guide for the rail cart system used for moving cargo along the truss.
 7  02.03.2011  A. Drew  6h 14m
The astronauts removed thermal insulation from a platform. Bowen then installed a camera assembly on the Dextre robot.
 8  28.04.2023  S. Al Neyadi  7h 01m The astronauts were unable to free up an electronics box located on the truss associated with a degraded S-band communications antenna. The antenna removal was deferred to a future spacewalk ahead of its planned return to Earth.
 9  09.06.2023  W. Hoburg  6h 03m
They installed an upgraded iROSA (International Space Station Roll-Out Solar Array) on the 1A power channel on the starboard truss of the station.
 10  15.06.2023  W. Hoburg  5h 35m
They installed an iROSA on the 1B power channel on the starboard truss.