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Yuri Pavlovich


Personal data

Birthdate:  26.03.1962
Birthplace:  Yelanets / Nikolayev Oblast / Ukrainian SSR
Marital status:  married
Children:  two
Selection date:  26.03.1987
Selection group:  TsPK-8
Position:  Test Cosmonaut (TC)
Status:  Ret. 15.07.2001


No. Mission Position Time Duration
1  Soyuz TM-22 / Mir-20  Commander  03.09.1995 - 29.02.1996 179d 01h 41m 
2  Soyuz TM-31 / ISS-01 / STS-102  Commander  31.10.2000 - 21.03.2001 140d 23h 38m 
3  Soyuz TM-34 / Soyuz TM-33  Commander  25.04.2002 - 05.05.2002 9d 21h 25m 
Total  329d 22h 44m 

Backup assignments

No. Mission Position
1  Soyuz TM-20  Commander

Additional information

Graduated from Kharkov Military Aviation College of Pilots, 1983; graduated from Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography, 1994; his speciality was Investigation of natural resources; Lieutenant Colonel, Air Force; was selected on 26.03.1987 by GMVK as cosmonaut (TsPK-8); OKP: 12/87 - 6/89; hobbies: Swimming, team sports, tennis, football; retired on 15.07.2001, but continued his employment by a special contract until Soyuz TM-34 concluded; since 2004 Director of the 3rd department within the TsPK; May 2009 until 2011 Deputy Chief of Cosmonaut Training Center TsPK.

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