Biographies of Astronaut and Cosmonaut Candidates


Brian H.


Brian Shoemaker

Personal data

Birthdate:  04.07.1937
Birthplace:  Noranda / Quebec / Canada
Marital status:  married
Children:  three
Selection date:  ??.??.1977
Position:  PLT
Status:  Ret. 16.01.1978
Day of death:  20.01.2017
Place of death:  Lacey / Washington

Additional information

Captain, USN, Ret.; Masters in Oceanography from the Naval Postgraduate School; Masters in Polar Studies from the Scott Polar Research Centre in Cambridge, England; at the time of his selection assigned at NAS North Island, San Diego, California; semi finalist in NASA astronaut group 8 selection; was commander of Polar research stations.


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