Biographies of Astronaut and Cosmonaut Candidates



Vadim Anatolyevich
Вадим Анатольевич



Personal data

Birthdate:  26.06.1946
Birthplace:  Shymkent / Kazakh SSR
Marital status:  
Selection date:  ??.??.1978
Position:  Test Cosmonaut (TC)
Status:  Ret. ??.??.1978

Additional information

Candidate in the GKNII cosmonaut selection of 1978; medically disqualified in the cosmonaut selection process. Graduated from the Orenburg Higher Military Aviation Pilot College named after I.S. Polbin in 1967 and stayed there as an instructor until 1971. Test pilot at the Air Force Flight Test Center from 1971 until 1992. Test Pilot 1st Class for the Soviet Air Force (1981). Test Pilot 1st Class for the Soviet Ministry of Aviation (1991)


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