Biographies of Astronaut and Cosmonaut Candidates


Nikolai Lutsenko


Nikolai Ivanovich
Николай Иванович



Personal data

Birthdate:  31.03.1954
Birthplace:  Moscow / Oblast Moscow / Russian SFSR
Marital status:  
Selection date:  27.03.1990
Position:  Research Cosmonaut (RC)
Status:  Ret. 27.03.1990

Additional information

Candidate of historical sciences, professor; worked in the institute for the far east of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR; later correspondent for All-Union Nika TV; 1994 - 1995 worked as the minister of republic Crimea for the external connections/communications and the means of mass information; from 2000 member of council for foreign policy of committee on the international affairs of the state Duma; journalist at KKSZh; on 27.03.1990 as "cosmonaut-aspirant" declined.


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