Biographies of Astronaut and Cosmonaut Candidates




Personal data

Birthdate:  ??.??.1961 or 1962
Birthplace:  Wroclaw
Marital status:  
Selection date:  ??.02.2002
Position:  Spaceflight Participant (UKP)
Status:  ?

Additional information

He also finished Technical University of Wroclaw, and Ecenomic Academy of Wroclaw, Poland; doctor of sciences; businessman; in February 2002 he was a candidate for a touristic mission to the ISS; hobbies: scuba diving, extreme forms of sport, flying; founder of EFL, the biggest leasing company in Poland, which he sold to Credit Agricole (France). Now he owns and manages the Getin Bank; together with Krzysztof Starnawski he had beaten a world record in cave diving (15 km) in Yukatan, Mexico.


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