Biographies of U.S. Astronauts


Kenneth Donald


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Personal data

Birthdate:  29.11.1949
Birthplace:  Cleveland / Ohio
Marital status:  married
Children:  two
Selection date:  23.05.1984
Selection group:  NASA-10
Position:  CDR
Status:  Ret. 05.08.1996


No. Mission Position Time Duration
1  STS-37  PLT  05.04. - 11.04.1991 5d 23h 32m 
2  STS-56  CDR  08.04. - 17.04.1993 9d 06h 08m 
3  STS-74  CDR  12.11. - 20.11.1995 8d 04h 30m 
Total  23d 10h 10m 

Additional information

Bachelor of science and master of science in aeronautics and astronautics from MIT, 1978 and 1979, respectively; Master of Business Administration degree from Michigan State University, 2002; Colonel, USMC, Ret.; hobbies: Flying, athletics, camping, fishing, woodworking, reading, amateur radio; he resigned from NASA to serve as Executive Director, Hughes Training Inc.,Houston, Texas; since 1997 he worked for General Motors in Sweden; was in the NASA Management - Principal Engineer, NASA Engineering & Safety Center, Langley Research Center; since June 2007 Deputy Director for Safety of the NESC.


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